Last week, campers (aka ‘Agents in Training’) got a peek at what it would be like to become a spy.  Led by Special Agent Purple Rain (Donna Sangwin), Special Agent Crafty (Heather Lee), Special Agent Open Source (Ryan Cohen) and Special Agent Double-Oh-Pi (Kaleen Canevari), agents in training were led through a series of fun exercises to develop their making and spying skills.

The week’s main excitement was the disappearance of a famous painting ready for auction, the Mona Lisa.  The agents were tasked with guarding it until it shipped, but while they were at recess someone infiltrated the classroom and took it!  Each day of camp, our agents unraveled clues and made gadgets to figure out which of the Agency’s suspects was the thief! 

Each day, agents were issued a new challenge.  Day One, they made a super stealthy flashlight from an Altoid tin.  Special Agent Open Source led the new recruits through a quick lesson on how a circuit works, and then set them loose to power an LED with a battery, a switch, and some wires. 

Agents in Training showing off their stealthy Altoid tin flashlights.

Another day, agents-in-training were tasked with building a powerful and accurate catapult.  Each agent competed to see who could launch their ammo (some deliciously disguised marshmallows) the furthest.

Getting ready to launch their catapults.

In order to eliminate suspects, agents were often tasked with completing elaborate treasure hunts and obstacle courses, requiring quick thinking, teamwork, and some of the spy gadgets they had made during their training.  The code breaker bracelet and wrap-around deciphering tool came in handy, too.

On the third day, agents’ made a large-scale marble maze, using recycled materials and a gum ball to act as the marble.  Navigating from start to finish took patience and dexterity, two skills integral to a successful career as a spy.

Agent Purple Minion showing off her maze.

On the final day, agents completed their training by building their ultimate spy gadget.  Creations ranged from grappling hooks to rubber band guns to secret hidden video cameras.  Extra flair and functionality was added with colored  LEDs.

Agents Singing Melody, Agent Blue Dragon, and Agent Curly Q with their ultimate spy gadgets.

But, the culmination of the week was discovering that Special Agent Crafty was the thief!  She was found on the playground and brought back in for her punishment: SILLY STRING!! 

Agent Crafty gets Silly!

Of course, Agent Crafty explained that the painting was actually hers and she had to make some modifications before it was sent to auction.  Our agents were skeptical, but her loyalty and expert skills training throughout the week made her alibi clear through the Central Agency’s detection system.

Agents’ recorded each day’s activities in their super secret spy journal.  The suspect list, word searches, mazes and art were glued in to keep all information organized and safe.   

Spy Journals to record everything.

Some of the other fun “training” activities included building homemade periscopes, deciphering codes, and making fingerprint yarn art.

Spying with their periscopes.

By the end of Day 5 all agents successfully completed training and graduated.  The Special Agents in charge (Crafty, Purple Rain, Open Source and Double-Oh-Pi) are so proud of the perseverance, cooperation and creativity their recruits displayed and can’t wait to see them in future camps!

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AuthorKaleen Canevari