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ReCreate provides hands-on educational experiences that let kids take risks, discover their creativity, and learn the true power of innovating—without fear of failure.

These opportunities are few and far between in the educational space right now. The federal No Child Left Behind law from 2002, as well-meaning as it was, emphasized making schools accountable—and that turned the focus of teaching to test prep. This type of learning can be described as understanding and remembering knowledge.   We are not challenging the value of baseline learning. We are pushing for opportunities for students to dream up their future….To encourage radical thinking and boundless imagination.  Breakthrough innovations come from 1000’s of different failures – from creative and flexible thinking and persevering until you find a viable idea. 

At ReCreate we build creative exploration into learning opportunities.   Identifying what doesn’t work is as valuable as what does work. Failing is valuable and not at all something to be afraid of. That’s why, when you walk into a ReCreate classroom, every child seems like a natural-born inventor. Our lessons are based on the premise learning is creative and possibilities are open ended.

ReCreate brings Maker Education – That is hands-on learning directly to schools in the areas of Science, Tech, Engineering and Math. We roll up in our Genius Mobile, a vehicle full of technology and reuse materials. We unload and transform a typical room into a Maker Classroom.  Because creating can be costly, we stretch our materials budget through reuse.  We work with businesses who donate over 60 tons annually of their unwanted items and students use those materials to make and create things. For example, we teach a program on Renewable Energy.  Students create a working wind turbine, solar-powered cell phone charger or water-mill. They’re not just reading about physics and robotics, they’re doing it. In those renewable energy projects-  students use items like old CDs and outdated phone chargers. 

District Administration magazine’s nationwide study found Maker Education engages students more deeply in the core curriculum while instilling skills teamwork, creativity, problem solving and learning from failure.  Skills that stick with kids through life. Educators talk a lot these days about resilience and grit. At ReCreate, we help kids see failure as a necessary—and often fun— part of the process. Failing is a good sign—it means you’re that much closer to knowing how to succeed. This lets kids dream up new, radical ways to approach problems.

ReCreate’s expertise and projects have sparked learning excitement in over 2,900 classrooms.  Teachers rate the overall experience and curriculum at 4.9 out of 5, and students tell us over and over this is the BEST DAY EVER!

$10 helps us bring our program to one student in class.

$100 investment allows a low income student to be part of a 6 week after school enrichment program.

$300 brings our program to a class.

Without taking risks today’s students cannot create the future of their dreams.   Together, we can help our region’s kids recreate their future.