Art Supply Warehouse

We open our Reuse Warehouse to the public Wednesdays - Fridays (10am to 5pm) and Saturdays (10am to 4pm). Our warehouse is chock-full of re-use treasure.  We have everything from fabric and scrap-booking supplies, to architecture samples, tiles, and interesting manufacture by-products and over-runs.  As a nonprofit, our goal is to continue to divert usable items from entering the waste stream, so we have items priced quite low.

ReCreate works with regional businesses and individual artisans to collect perfectly good, incredibly awesome—but no longer needed—materials that would otherwise be sent to landfill. Our imaginative patrons transform them into fun crafts, works of art, home decor, and more.

Our inventory changes all the time, but here are things you’ll find in the Art Supply warehouse:

  • picture frames

  • architectural samples, such as tiles and trim

  • paper of all sizes and colors

  • sparkly ribbon

  • fabric - remnants and bolts

  • high-quality yarn

  • scrap-booking supplies

  • binders and office supplies

  • unfinished ceramics

  • baskets and other containers

  • needlepoint and embroidery items

  • leather scraps

  • sign vinyl

Our inventory so inspiring you may never walk into another commercial art supply store again! And while your finds won’t cost you much, every penny you do spend will go right back into our efforts to promote earth-friendly practices and inspire the next generation of environmentalists.