Preschool and Kindergarten Programs

A visit to your school:


ReCreate’s one-hour visit to preschool and kindergarten classes features a read-aloud from a book about trash and a brief, upbeat lesson on how little ones can help reduce waste in our environment. Our visit culminates with an art project, such as a rocket or a favorite animal, made from diverted materials. We wrap up with an art show or a song about “The 3 Rs”-- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

We can also tailor the craft to the season or to complement a class’s current subject of study.

Cost: $200 per classroom visit with a two-class minimum (25 student max per classroom). 
Transportation fees may apply if you are more than 10 miles away*.  We do not go more than 30 miles away from our Art Center. 

*$20 transportation fee for 10-20 miles away, $35 for 20-35 miles away.

Bring your group to ReCreate:

A visit from a preschool or kindergarten class to our Art Studio features a lesson on how we get our super-cool diverted materials from local businesses, and why that helps the environment. We talk about what little ones can do to reduce waste in their own homes, and lead them in an art activity using our inspiring diverted materials. The cost is $9.25 per child, with a minimum of 15 kids, maximum of 28. (If your class doesn’t meet the 15-child minimum, contact us and we can offer other options.)

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